DMS e-Solution is a Singapore-based company that provides AMI Solutions to electric utility companies. We use NFTs to share our journey and financial benefits with the world.

DMS e-Solution was founded in 2017, with our CEO and team bringing together over 30 years of experience. Our aim is to provide smart metering solutions to electric utility companies in emerging markets, enabling them to automate their electricity distribution operations.



The company pledges to distribute 8-10% of its annual profits to Gold NFT holders, which is limited to 4688, via airdrops. Each holder will receive three airdrops per year based on the mint date. The total number of Gold NFTs available is limited. Detailed information can be found in the NFT whitepaper.


2-Year NFT


This NFT allows holders to fund ongoing and upcoming company projects. Each NFT represents 3 smart metering devices. Silver NFT holders receive twice-yearly airdrops, based on the mint date. Airdrops are released once the corresponding project is completed, typically within 6 months. The company pledges to share 15-20% of the profit from each project, depending on the project and timeline.



2024 DMS NFT Road Map

Pre-Launch Phase - 1/Mar/2024 to 1/Jun/2024

This phase will bring many puzzle pieces together, as well as many upgrades to our vehicle, such as Web3 integration with NFT gated access, adding several NFT collaborations, and preparing the collection launch in OpenSea and other commonly accessible markets. We offer a 10% discount on minting the GOLD NFTs (1111 pieces ONLY) and a 5% discount on Silver NFTs (468 pieces ONLY), all of which come with a special utility exclusively for NFT minters in this phase. This phase will end by 1st June 2024.

Official Launch Phase - 1/Jun 2024 to 1/Sep/2024

At this stage, we are preparing for the official launch of our NFTs in the marketplace and have already begun making them known among enthusiasts, investors, collectors and holders through organic networking, social media marketing and advertising. Due to the limited supply and unique features of our NFTs, we anticipate significant demand once they become accessible to the public. This phase is aimed at creating substantial demand for our NFTs, increasing their value, and allowing them to become instant collectibles, thereby creating significant value for our early bird NFT holders. At this stage, we will allow the minting of another 500 Gold NFTs and 250 Silver NFTs. The official launch is scheduled for September 2024.

Social Proofs Phase - 1/Sep/2024 to 31/Dec/2024

At this stage, all our NFT holders will begin to enjoy the fruits of the journey with DMS. They will receive their airdrops, gain access to additional facilities through collaborating NFTs, observe an increase in the value of their NFTs, witness the demand for their NFTs in the market and watch their seeds grow. And, they will receive gratitude from the people who have shared this opportunity with them. The NFTs close to their airdrop dates will likely have a higher value compared to those recently minted. Therefore, it is advisable to mint enough during the earlier stages to potentially enjoy reselling some of them in the public market and harvest some of seeds you've planted. At this stage, DMS will release another 800-1000 GOLD NFTs and 500 Silver NFTs to boost market growth for the upcoming year β€” a year filled with success and achievements for the NFT holders and the company itself.